Do I Really Need Boat Insurance?

While boat insurance isn’t mandated by Florida law, that doesn’t mean you don’t need it. If you have a lien against your boat your lender may require it, plus Florida […]

Spring Cleaning Your Workspace

As we approach that time when we get in the mood to do spring cleaning on our homes and clear out some of the old clothes, games, tools and bric-a-brac […]

Tips for Hurricane Preparation

We Floridians know all about enduring hurricanes. No state in the country gets hit with more tropical storms than Florida. Everyone remembers the devastation Hurricane Irma caused in 2017. Even […]

What’s Happening in Palm Beach County?

It’s starting to heat up out there! Before we progress into that sweltering summer heat, your friends at ReNu Insurance Group want to let you know about a few events […]

What Do Employee Lawsuits Cost?

Workplace lawsuits aren’t a rare occurrence. A study published by Hiscox found 10% of small to mid-sized businesses face some form of employment discrimination charge and they are often very […]

Customer Service vs. Sales Culture

At ReNu Insurance Group, we understand there is a stereotypical image of the voracious insurance salesperson, always hungry for that sale, ready to pounce on anyone calling into the agency. […]