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Looking for Commercial Construction Insurance in Florida?

Operating a construction business includes plenty of challenges, but finding proper insurance coverage shouldn’t be one. Your business is unlike any other, so why settle for a standard policy that could leave you exposed to risk?

Target Coverage – Reduce Costs

At ReNu Insurance Group, we understand the unique needs of your commercial construction company and tailor your coverage to mitigate risk and minimize costs.

Construction is a broad industry with many business types operating within it. Consequently, the needs of a general contractor may differ greatly from someone in HVAC, electrical, masonry, drywall, excavation, or property grading.

Heavy construction such as pipeline, roadwork, or utility services shouldn’t rely on policies meant for light construction. ReNu Insurance Group will assess your risk, get to know your business, and align coverage with your specific needs. You pay for what you need, not unnecessary bells and whistles.

Address Construction Challenges

While each construction business has specific needs, they also face common challenges. Rapid growth in the construction industry often makes it difficult to find skilled workers and supervisors, which increases your potential for injuries, accidents, and expensive claims.

Working on job sites may lead to theft and property equipment damage. The weather can wreak havoc on building sites, leading to delays and increased costs. Let ReNu Insurance Group protect you against the many challenges your construction company faces.

Limit Contractual Liability

Construction companies often negotiate multiple contracts for various services. However, it is often difficult to properly vet a contractual partner’s finances, work and safety history. As a result, managing collaborative risk must include the proper amount and insurance type.

Whether you’re in a joint venture, or hire subcontractors, let ReNu Insurance Group ensure you only assume the risks you should, and not those of third parties.

Mitigate Environmental Liability Risk

Regulators increasingly hold construction companies responsible for environmental mishaps. If a mishap causes bodily injury or property damage, your company could find itself in a lengthy lawsuit and complex remediation process that could test the financial stability of your company.

Let ReNu Insurance Group provide you with the coverage you need for a legal defense, fines and penalties, settlements, and cleanup arising from your work.

Protect Costly Equipment

Your business relies on the latest equipment to earn revenue, and it’s often very expensive. If it’s misused or damaged it can stop a project in its tracks and seriously impact your bottom line, particularly if you must replace it.

Let ReNu Insurance Group protect your assets to minimize downtime and financial loss. We can help you get back to work as soon as possible.

Minimize Cyber Liability Risk

As a competitive business, you may rely on leading-edge technology to set you apart from the competition and to improve your services. However, relying on technology comes with its own set of risks and a general liability or Business Owner’s Policy does not address them.

Hacks, data breaches, social engineering, and cyber extortion are very real threats to all businesses, but especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Let ReNu Insurance Group protect you from the substantial financial implications of cybercrime.


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