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Finding good insurance coverage for your business in the janitorial industry needn’t be a painstaking task. ReNu Insurance Group understands your industry and wants to get to know your business.

Reduce Insurance Costs

You may own a janitorial or building maintenance company, but you could just as easily provide daily porter and nightly in-suite janitorial services for hotels. Perhaps you repair, rent or lease janitorial equipment to others, or provide flood, fire or post-construction cleanups. Maybe you clean carpets.

The point is, why rely on a standard insurance policy when you have specific needs and challenges? You need aligned insurance coverage to protect you from risk and to minimize your insurance costs.

Let ReNu Insurance Group tailor your insurance coverage to your specific risks, instead of relying on an effective standard insurance policy.

Tackle Labor Challenges

It’s difficult to find skilled labor in such a competitive industry. This can mean you must rely on unskilled workers and managers, and they may not understand proper safety protocols.

The janitorial industry often faces high turnover too. Even when you train personnel, you can find yourself scrambling to fill positions when people leave unexpectedly. This not only makes it hard to focus on safety, but it can also lead to overtime, fatigue and stress for your remaining workers.

All these factors can lead to more accidents, injuries and property damage—and lawsuits and claims. Without proper insurance coverage, your business could suffer crippling financial losses.

Address Substance Abuse Liability

Most businesses have a zero-tolerance substance abuse policy, however, there’s a strong possibility states will contain to legalize marijuana.

Even if your company implements drug testing, current THC testing methods don’t measure impairment levels. Plus, managers may not have the training they need to recognize impairment. Without proper insurance coverage, your business could suffer financially for injuries or damages caused by an impaired employee.

Minimize Impact of Bodily Injury Claims

Janitorial work includes a multitude of risks that can lead to bodily injury. These include things such as a slip on a wet floor or a fall off a ladder, but workers face many other risks too.

They may handle hazardous chemicals or toxic substances. If they work in a hospital or clinic, blood-borne pathogens are a serious risk. Workers could be seriously injured by equipment if they do not use it properly or don’t understand how to shut it off in an emergency. They can strain themselves while cleaning, lifting supplies or equipment, or when working in confined spaces.

As an employer, you are responsible for employee safety. If an employee sues you for injuries or a client claims for damages, it can lead to a costly lawsuit, medical bills, a settlement and more. Without good insurance coverage, you will shoulder these substantial costs.


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