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The wholesale industry encompasses many business types, each with unique challenges. Consequently, you need an industry expert to address your risks.

ReNu Insurance Group specializes in the unique needs of wholesalers. We understand policy fine print and we work for you—not the insurance companies.

Fine-Tune Your Coverage

Your insurance policy should provide you with the best possible coverage for the most reasonable price. However, buying a standard policy often means insurance gaps, or exclusions and limitations when you need coverage the most.

As well, the needs of an HVAC equipment distributor differ greatly from a beverage distributor. Fuel and steel companies also need different coverage than someone selling farm equipment.

Let ReNu Insurance Group fine-tune your coverage to your specific needs and risks. You pay for excellent coverage, instead of broad coverage and unnecessary extras.

Control Inventory Losses

Inventory is the bread and butter of a wholesale business, so you need to protect it well. Unfortunately, about two thirds of wholesalers lack proper coverage for their products while they’re in storage or transit. This can lead to unnecessary financial losses that can seriously affect your bottom line.

Let ReNu Insurance Group assess your inventory and align your coverage. We can protect your inventory while it’s in the warehouse or on the road.

Address Labor Shortage Liabilities

Labor shortages can mean you must hire unskilled or untrained employees and managers who are more likely to cause injury and damage. You may also struggle with high turnover, which can lead to overtime, fatigue and stress for remaining workers. Without proper insurance coverage, your business could suffer crippling financial losses from lawsuits, medical bills, settlements, fines and penalties.

Plan For The Worst

Unfortunately, 43% of wholesalers don’t have a business continuity plan they can rely on after an emergency or natural disaster. Without proper planning, your business can’t ensure the continuous delivery of critical services and products so you can recover your facility, data and assets.

ReNu Insurance Group will craft a policy so you have the resources you need to rebuild after a major loss.

Protect Against Driver Liability

Employer risk will increase as states begin to legalize marijuana. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana significantly impairs judgment, reaction time and motor coordination, and risk increases with concentration. Marijuana is also the drug found in the bloodstream most often in vehicle crashes.

However, THC can remain in the body for days after intoxication, essentially rendering drug testing useless, since employees can legally consume the drug outside of the workplace.

Nonetheless, employers must still contend with liability issues if an employee causes injury or damage. Your business could suffer financially unless you have proper insurance coverage.

Mitigate Vehicle Liability

Your wholesale business moves goods from your facilities to your retailers constantly, and probably uses company vehicles. However, 65% of wholesalers report using a personal vehicle for business which can leave your company at risk.

If an employee uses their vehicle on your behalf, whether it’s to visit customers, pursue sales leads, pick up parts, buy supplies, or even to drop off the bank deposit, you’ll need proper insurance coverage. Otherwise, you could be held liable for their actions.

Rely on Our Expertise

Only 24% of those in the wholesale industry consult with a safety specialist. This is unfortunate, since they can help your business monitor loss activity and develop loss reduction action plans.

Let ReNu Insurance Group identify key objectives to improve safety and loss control in your workplace.


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