Friends, families and clients, this is important information as we brace ourselves for Hurricane Irma and the aftermath of the storm. Beware of the company, “VIBIIO” who is advertising like crazy on our local stations. This is just a front company for Assignment of Benefits (AOB) from claims.

For those of you shuttered inside watching TV, I’m sure you have seen a company advertising VIBIIO. It is an app you can download to help with claims adjusting from your phone. STOP AND READ! This is merely an electronic version of a contractor trying to get you to execute an Assignment of Benefits. If you remember, AOBs take away all your rights and even allows the contractor to lien your home or worse, foreclose on their lien.

Don’t be fooled by this slick advertising. I’ve copied the wording from the app verbatim below. The wording is scary if you get stuck in an AOB with a contractor from this app! Bold and Italic highlighting provided by me.

Assignment of Benefits on the VIBIIO App

This is a full and all-encompassing assignment of benefits relative to the damages that have occurred. Under no circumstances will I, any additional insureds or any of my agents issue any additional assignment of benefits related to the damage referenced herein. I hereby assign and transfer any and all rights, benefits and causes of action, including any causes of action which exist, or may exist in the future to Bridgewater Design and Development, LLC. I hereby transfer all rights to recovery from my insurance company or any other person or entity that may be responsible for the damage sustained. This includes the right to pursue any and all remedies available at law or in equity, and I agree to cooperate fully with Bridgewater Design and Development, LLC., in the collection of the amount due.

An attorney I know had a similar situation. His story highlights why AOBs are bad for consumers. Don’t be fooled!

“After meeting with Warren Cleveland, President of ReNu Insurance Group, I was able to get my mother-in-law out of a sticky situation. Unbeknownst to me she had assigned her insurance benefits to a restoration company after her condo had a water leak. The restoration company was prepared to bill her insurance company $16,000 to dry her 818 square foot condo. After I spoke to the restoration company and my mother-in-law stopped assigning her benefits they only billed her $6,000. I am a practicing estate planning attorney and a financial advisor and I found Warren incredibly knowledgeable in the risks of assigning insurance benefits.”

Peter Blatt, Esq., President of Blatt Financial Group, LLC.

Please call my office at 561-316-3030 before signing ANY document with a contractor regarding damages from this or any other storm. We can keep this from happening to you!

Stay safe!

Warren Cleveland
President, ReNu Insurance

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