Spring Cleaning Your Workspace

As we approach that time when we get in the mood to do spring cleaning on our homes and clear out some of the old clothes, games, tools and bric-a-brac that are cluttering up our closets, garages, basements and attics, your friends at ReNu Insurance would like to remind you that the beginning of spring is also a great time to think about cleaning up your workspace. Here are a few steps you can take to declutter and freshen up your environment at work:

  • Organize old papers. Meticulous record-keeping is an essential part of being in the insurance business, so we get the impulse to keep everything. It’s the responsible thing to do. The issue arises when what keep is thrown haphazardly into a drawer with the thought that at least it will be there if we ever need to find it again. Spring is a great time to get motivated to go through those old papers. Throw out what is no longer needed and organize into a filing system what you do need to keep. Not only will you save time in the long run because you’ll be able to find anything you need more quickly, you should be more productive with the peace of mind that comes with being better organized.
  • Clear out any junk. Do you have an old coffee mug that in the moment was more convenient to stash behind your computer rather than bring home or return to the break room? Do you have any pens, pencils or scraps of paper that aren’t ever going to be used again? Is the surface of your desk home to any stray paperclips, rubber bands or removed staples? Are there any old, stale snacks at the back of your drawer? The contentment you’ll feel from having a desk free of old junk will be well worth the investment of ten or fifteen minutes.
  • Dust! Generally the hired office cleaners only clean the common areas and do a quick vacuum around your desk and chair. Clearing off the dust that’s probably been getting thicker around the back of your computer, around your phone, the top of your cubicle walls, on your screen(s) and any other areas you can think of will help you breathe easier. Also, keyboards seem to be magnets for crumbs. Spray yours with a compressed air bottle or simply turn it upside down and give it a shake (over the trash bin, of course) and see what comes out! Once all the junk is off your desk, this will not be as daunting a task as it might seem.
  • Add some fun! Now that your workspace is free of clutter and dust, you may want to liven it up a bit. Adding some photographs or posters to your walls will make your workstation personal and put a smile on your face when you get into work. Putting a small plant or flower on your desk can also brighten up your work space. Get creative!

However you decide to do your spring cleaning, we hope it leaves you feeling refreshed, re-energized and ready to do your best!


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