Tips for Hurricane Preparation

We Floridians know all about enduring hurricanes. No state in the country gets hit with more tropical storms than Florida. Everyone remembers the devastation Hurricane Irma caused in 2017. Even Hurricane Michael last year, which wasn’t exactly in our neck of the woods since it hit the northeastern part of the state, was frightening nonetheless. As we move closer toward the start of the 2019 hurricane season, your friends at ReNu Insurance want to share some tips about keeping yourself and your family safe in case Mother Nature has a Category 4 or 5 to throw at us this year.

We recommend you look at this hurricane safety checklist from the National Hurricane Survival Initiative, which lays out in detail what you should have on hand prior to any hurricane. Keep in mind that for each item you should have a supply to last at least 3 days. To summarize:

    • Food and Water:
      • At least one gallon of water per person per day
      • Food that is compact, lightweight, requires no refrigeration and little preparation. (Don’t forget a can opener!)
    • First Aid Kit:
      • Have at least two first aid kits: one for your home and one for every vehicle.
      • Include plenty of bandages, gauze, hand sanitizer and antibacterial ointment.
      • Also include gloves, medical tape, a cold pack, tweezers and a small pair of scissors.
      • Be sure you have over-the-counter medications for pain and stomach upset.
      • Remember a few days supply of any prescription medication anyone in your family needs.
    • Tools and Supplies:
      • Plastic, waterproof storage containers to keep all your supplies in
      • Flashlight for every family member and extra batteries
      • Battery-operated radio and extra batteries
      • Lighter
      • Utility knife
      • Whistle
      • Pen and paper
    • Sanitation and Clothing:
      • Toilet paper
      • Plastic bucket with lid
      • Garbage bags
      • Soap, shampoo, etc.
      • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
      • At least one change of clothing/shoes per person
      • Rain gear

Additional Tips:

    • Secure all these items before a storm is imminent. You’ll have a clearer head to prepare and not have to deal with crowds of people also preparing for the storm if you take care of getting the items you’ll need well ahead of time.
    • Know where your emergency local shelter is in case you need to evacuate.
    • Remember any circumstances unique to you that need to be planned for. Do you need any kind of medical equipment? Do you wear glasses or contacts? Do you have diabetes? A baby? Someone who is disabled in your care? It may be that you need to secure extra items or additional preparations based on your family’s unique circumstances.
    • Know where your passport, will, social security card, deeds, birth certificates and any other important documents are in case you need to grab them quickly. Have a waterproof container to seal them in.
    • Know where all your precious family keepsakes are, such as photographs and videos, and keep them in a place that is easily accessible. These are items that cannot be replaced and would be devastating to lose if disaster were to strike.
    • Don’t forget your pets! Keep food, water, and any other supplies they’ll need if you plan on keeping them with you, and make arrangements well ahead of time of where you’ll bring them if not.
    • Remember books and/or games. While not an absolute necessity, having books and games which don’t require batteries or electricity will help keep your mind occupied and pass the time.

We hope you’ve found this information valuable. It’s helpful to have a comprehensive list of everything you’ll need in case of an emergency, especially since incoming hurricanes are high stress events that can cause you to be panicked and not at your best mental acuity. While it’s important to prepare for severe weather events before one is announced, you may also want to save a list, like this one from the Red Cross, of things to do to prepare yourself and your home immediately prior to a hurricane. Stay safe!


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