Countdown to Hurricane Irma

To our valued family, friends, and clients,

Hurricane Irma is just a few days away. I want you to know that our team of staff, agents, and partners will be ready! I want you to be ready too. Here are a few suggestions to help:

  1. Make your plans now. The time to wait is over.
  2. Establish a communication plan with family, friends, and neighbors. Make sure someone knows where you are.
  3. Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Power outages, trees, debris, roof leaks, etc…can cause havoc.
  4. Keep informed with updates from the media.
  5. Do not drive into flooded areas. While this may be common sense, we saw what real flooding looks like in Texas.
  6. Make sure you document ALL of your belongings with pictures or video. Be as specific as possible. This will help the adjuster determine your amount of loss.

I have established relationships with contractors ready to help protect your property if the need arises. Entrusted Contractors will survey your damage, protect your property as best they can, and await instructions from the carrier. As part of the claims process, the carrier will need to see what damage occurred and what you did to protect the property BEFORE making permanent repairs.

Do not be fooled by fly-by-night contractors who want to be paid up front, tell you about damage you can’t see, or want to make repairs before the adjuster reviews any damage.

If you need to make a claim, please call the carrier directly (numbers below alphabetically by carrier) or call our office at 561-316-3030. If your carrier isn’t listed, call our office to report the claim. Our phones will continue to work without power as all calls will transfer to our 24/7 live answer service. The team will have email capability to receive your messages and will respond as quickly as possible.

American Integrity
Bankers – 800-627-0000
Citizens – 866-411-2742
Edison – 888-683-7971
Fed Nat – 800-293-2532
Florida Penn – 866-549-9672
Foremost – 800-274-7865
Hartford Flood – 800-759-8656 –
Heritage – 855-415-7120
Homeowner’s Choice – 866-324-3138 /
Liberty Mutual – 800-362-0000
Metlife – 800-854-6011
Olympus – 800-711-9386
Progressive – 800-274-4499
Safeco – 800-332-3226
Security First – 877-581-4862
Tapco – 800-334-5579 (press 3)
Universal Insurance – 800-218-3206
UPC Insurance – 888-256-3378
Wright Flood – 800-725-9472
Zurich/US Assure/Guard – 800-987-3373

PLEASE call our office at 561-316-3030 with any questions or concerns. We are here for you and want to help with claims. Be safe!

Best Regards,
Warren Cleveland
President, ReNu Insurance Group

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