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About ReNu Insurance Group

No-Nonsense Captive Insurance Solutions 

Welcome to ReNu Insurance Group. Forget what you think you know about insurance companies. We're not here to give you a soft pat on the back and vague promises. We're here because risk is real, and we know how to tackle it head-on.


Who Are We? We're the team that brings a pilot's eye to insurance. Our leader shifted gears from airline pilot to risk mastermind not for simplicity, but to redefine the industry. We're here to do insurance differently – with grit, expertise, and a no-BS approach.


What Do We Do? Simple. We control risk. But there's nothing simple about how we do it. Our approach is performance-based, backed by a proprietary process that’s as unique as our attitude. We understand the big picture and the devilish details that make it up.


Why Us? Because traditional insurance is a yawn-fest. We're not here to handhold; we're here to lead. With us, you get a team that's decisive, creative, and fiercely dedicated to your success. We don't just provide insurance; we’re your front line against risk.

Our Core Values, We Live by Them:



We find a way, or we make one. We're accountable and relentless. We don’t just solve problems – we obliterate them. We're the folks who do it right the first time. No excuses, just results.



We're the team builders that bring energy to the table and always have your back. We're here to pump life into insurance and support each other because that’s how you smash goals and exceed expectations.


Lifelong Learners

We’re never just ‘good enough’. Our team is on a constant quest to know more and do better. We're humbly confident – if we don’t know it, we learn it. And we learn it fast.



It's the catalyst that transforms uncertainty into action. At the heart of our drive, faith empowers us to take the first step, even when the path is unclear. It's the unwavering belief in our team, our skills, and our mission that fuels our journey – because when we believe, we succeed.

Ready for a Real Conversation?

If you're tired of the same old insurance spiel and want a team that gets things done, it's time to talk to us. We're ReNu Insurance Group – and we're rewriting the rules of risk management.

Contact us – let's show risk who's boss.