Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Even if you have total confidence that your products and/or services are the best around, if you don’t have a marketing strategy that makes you stick out from the crowd, potential customers won’t notice you. Technology and the way people interact are constantly progressing, so your marketing strategy needs to progress too. At ReNu Insurance Group, we want you to succeed in your chosen business endeavors, so we’re offering you a few tips you can use to stay ahead of the competition.


  • Know your buyer personas. For your marketing to be effective, you need to have an understanding of who you want to market to. What types of people do you want purchasing from you? What do they want? What are their interests, goals and responsibilities? In what type of environment do they live? Of what generation are they? By answering questions such as these (and others), you can tailor your marketing content to produce specifically what your audience will want to see.
  • Get personal. Hardly anyone is interested in getting pitched to. Show your potential buyers that you’re interested in the same things they are. Make it more of a conversation than a pitch—provide insight, show that you care, make them laugh. Convincing them of the value of your product or service is easier when you’ve connected on a personal level with them.
  • Amp up your video content. According to Hubspot, 72% of people prefer watching a video to reading an article when finding out about a product or service. Among other reasons, the medium is more conducive to multi-tasking, which people increasingly need to do now. They can have a video up in the corner of Facebook while scrolling through their feed, for instance. Also, think for a moment about what your eye is more drawn to when surfing the web—a video with an interesting thumbnail or a block of text?  
  • Hone in on your ideal keywords. Do some research on the optimum words to place on your website, so your ranking on search engines will be higher. There are subtle ways to place these industry specific keywords into the content on your website, so that when people google what they are looking for, your website is more likely to be at the top of the results.
  • Have marketing automation in place. Marketing automation will save you precious time that you can allocate elsewhere. It will allow you to automatically follow up with leads, unsold opportunities and customers who have left you, so you can maximize sales and retention. The more you can do by automation, the more time you’ll have to devote to other projects which need your attention.
  • Attend networking events. Even though we live in the digital age and so much of our interaction is online, forming face-to-face personal connections is still an invaluable marketing tool. Going to networking events in your area and passing out business cards will certainly boost your exposure!
  • Give back in your community. Donating to local charities and volunteering are great ways to get your name out there to potential customers while simultaneously showing that you belong to a company with compassion, integrity and concern for the well being of the everyone in the community.


While we hope these tips will be helpful to your marketing strategy if you operate a small business, it is far from a comprehensive list. The best advice we can give you is to do your own research! There are many tools and resources at your disposal which can assist you in making your marketing strategy the best it can be!

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