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When you manage your risk, your insurance costs should go down. Our captive insurance program makes it possible.

As a business owner, you're working hard but paying higher premiums every year. You should be able to take advantage of the same insurance programs as Fortune 500 companies.

Self-Insure Your Business in 90 Days Without Sacrificing the Protection of a Traditional Insurance Carrier.

You Shouldn't Have to Feel Like Your Insurance Rates Are Out of Your Control

  • Watching your insurance rates get more expensive every year is frustrating.
  • You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re beholden to the insurance carriers.
  • You’re subsidizing others who aren’t managing their risk like you … including your competitors!

You should be rewarded for your good risk and hard work!

The Most Successful Companies Have Figured Out How to Take Control of Their Insurance Program. You Can Do the Same.

Clients In Our Captive Insurance Program Experience on Average 28% Premium Savings in the First 2 Years

You Should Be Rewarded When You Manage Your Risk



Over our 40 years in business, we’ve had different insurance programs, which we thought were very good at the time. Still, we weren’t taking full advantage of the opportunity a Captive program presented for us. Over the last four years, we’ve accrued well into the seven figures on money that we’ve earned through the Captive program. I think Captive is certainly the way to go, especially if your company’s culture promotes a safe workplace.  Warren’s commitment to customer service aligns with how we run our business, client first!

Dave Christa, Christa Construction, LLC



We had a challenge in finding workers comp insurance on the market. At the time, the only option we really had was to turn to a PEO, but then Warren brought the Captive program to us. It made sense financially and is a great return on our investment in the long run. The Captive versus traditional insurance, I would say, is more of a collaborative relationship. When you buy insurance on the traditional market, it's very transactional – you pay your premiums, and they’re gone, whereas with the Captive, you really do see the return for years to come.

Stephanie Arman, Aransas Pass Metals

Are You Ready to Join Top Companies Who Are No Longer Letting Insurance Carriers Dictate Their Rates?

Self Insuring Your Business is Easy

Schedule an appointment so you can stop giving the carriers all the control and start rewarding yourself for your hard work!